Cutting Up the Competition by Carissa Ann Lynch


Stars Given: 5/5

Review: Cutting Up the Competition is a spectacular sequel to Cheerleading Can Be Murder. The first novel follows Dakota Densford through her freshman year and the events that happen when she tries out for the Harrow High varsity cheerleading squad. The second novel in this thrilling series follows Amanda Loxx, an unforgettable character with so much dimension. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel from Amanda’s point of view. She is by far one of my favorite character’s and her emotions were so raw and real which made for an incredible read. Lynch has a knack for characterization and storytelling. The events in this novel were perfectly spaced and well thought out to keep each chapter exciting and to hep the mystery pan out until the final chapters when we finally find out who the sociopath is. I began guessing from chapter one, using every detail to figure it out, and I was still left gobsmacked when everything unfolded. This second installment to this enthralling series was even better than the first! There is more action, more I could truly see each scene playing out. As a cheerleader myself, I’m a little nervous for next season to begin… Yet I will still be eagerly awaiting the final installment in the Horror High series. I can’t wait to see where Lynch takes us next with these characters and this plot line!