Escape From Reality Series


Escape with us!
​Twenty authors, Three years, 36 multi-genre books. A lot can happen.

Welcome to Escape, Colorado and the premise behind our series:

Nuzzled into the mountain range is a small town with a large hospital for hikers and passersby who may need it and a hot spring that legend claims to be able to cure all illnesses. The mountain air is said to aid in healing as well, so people come here to escape reality and find themselves again. The trees surround the town, casting it into a light shadow, and the mountains encase the town in isolation. The town was founded by the Greystone family in 1968, they are well liked and respected, and continue to run the town with grace. Though they do their best to cover up any misgivings so tourists continue to come to the town.

Escape, Colorado is a place to soak in the hot springs and hike around Crystal Lake. The summer heat draws sightseers to Caverns, for cave tours led by Mia and Emmy, a one-of-a-kind gem and mineral spectacular to be up close and personal with beautiful crystal and rock formations. This town has become a mecca for thrill seekers, who come to sample the fearsome Mountain Side Swing and Mountain Side Drop, but also for those seeking self healing, a wellness camp for teens and the fresh open areas of an inclusive town.

Escape offers excellent hiking, horseback riding, swimming, kayaking, boating, and even paragliding on the lake. If you’re up for a swim, Crystal Lake is a must-see in this Colorado mountain town. With turquoise water and colored stones lining the bottom of the lake. Be sure to dive down and get one to take home to a family member.

Once you’ve done all of the exploring you can handle, head to the town’s main attraction – the Break Free Spa and Resort. Adults can slip away to the Vapor Caves and hot springs to get the natural geothermal steam bath relief they so badly crave.

Welcome to Escape, Colorado, we hope you never leave.