Her Name Was Sam by Erin Lee


Stars Given: 5/5

Review: Her Name Was Sam follows the the mother and sister of a young girl named Sam just a year after she committed suicide. Sam was a vibrant person who was the victim of bullying, and just felt like she didn’t fit in. No one seemed to understand her, and all Sam ever wanted was to be accepted for who she was. This story has such a powerful message, and should be read by all. Lee does a wonderful job of writing about real-world issues that need to be dealt with. Her writing teaches a lesson and sends a message to her readers like no other. I was enamored while reading this novel, and when I got to the twist everything began to make sense. I was horrified by how Sam was treated, and heart broken for her loss; just as her mother, Kelly, and sister, Morgan are.

Morgan and Kelly grow exceptionally through out this novel, but so does Sam. The ending left me feeling light, and smiling about how everything seems to begin to resolve itself. This story is nothing like anything I’ve ever read before, and I don’t know how Lee does it! Each of her novels are so unique and driven! When I finished this novel I wished that I had someone to talk to about it. I just had so many emotions afterwards that needed to be purged through conversation. As with all of Lee’s novels that I have read thus far, this novel would be perfect for book clubs or classroom discussions. There are discussion questions at the end of the book, and there is a powerful message weaved in between every line. Lee has a knack for writing about hard subject matters, and leaving her readers thinking about her novels for days afterward. She is definitely an author to watch.