Keyed Up by Laura Baird

Keyed Up

Stars Given: 5/5

Review: Wow! Before reading this novel, Laura Baird was a new author to me. I am so happy that she reached out and that I had the pleasure of editing and reading this novel. The romance between Sebastian and Penelope is so real and moves at the perfect pace. Sebastian Mauer was sultry and loving, and although he made a few mistakes I couldn’t help but to connect with his character on a deeper level. All of Baird’s characters were relatable and real and I think that any reader could connect with one.

Baird writes with such passion that I was curious to find out whether she was a pianist herself! During the scenes where Penelope and/or Sebastian are playing, the imagery is just so spectacular and vivid. Stylistically flawless in my opinion. I loved the POV switches, which were great for giving the reader a peek into each character’s mind while keeping them intrigued in the novel (and annoyed at the character for not seeing what we saw)! I truly loved reading this novel and will be lookng for more from this author in the future!