Nine Lives by Erin Lee


Stars Given: 5/5

Review: After reading this novel, all I have to say is, “Wow.” The author, Erin Lee, is a therapist/child advocate and really opened my eyes to the other side of the system. The side in which two teenage girls can invent a story and send their innocent father away all so that they can get their way. This novel was shocking. Despite how much I didn’t want to, I found myself sympathizing with one of the main girls, Faith. Faith is a fourteen year old girl who decided to go along with her older sister, Laina’s idea to come forward and accuse their father of molestation. At such a young age, it was hard for me to not pity Faith, and to even begin to love her. As a younger sibling, I know how hard it is at times to go against your older sibling and stand up for what you believe is right. At fourteen, all teenage girls are worried about are boys and themselves. Yet, despite their two years in age difference, I found myself hating Laina. She was perfectly characterized as an instigator, and a selfish brat in my opinion.

This novel was hard to put down, even when it ended. I wanted to know more and find out what was in the future for the Nelson family, but I was still pleased with how the novel ended; with hope for a bright(er) future. I would recommend this novel to anyone mature enough for the content. It is definitely a must read. Lee has a unique voice and writing style which makes for a quick and enjoyable read. As if the plot and characters and their raw and real emotions didn’t make me think enough, at the end of the novel are discussion questions. This quick read would be great for book clubs, or even psychology classes to read and discuss. Five stars and two thumbs up for the flawless execution of such an important topic.