Raging Fire by Sara Schoen


Stars Given: 5/5

Review: Raging Fire is the fourth installment in the Guarded Secrets series, and I must say, Sara Schoen is doing a fabulous job with this series! This novel follows CIRA Agent, Spit Fire, as she tries to take down the Cardoza Cartel once and for all. This was definitely a page turner, and the action starts out instantly. There is no dull moment! From the very beginning the action is already there, it only progresses to the very end when all hell breaks loose. Schoen’s writing style is fun and easy to read. Out of all of the Guarded Secrets series, I have to say that this novel was my favorite. I just really enjoyed Spit Fire’s point of view! I can’t wait to read the next novel, which we get a sneak peek of at the end of the book. No spoilers, but it looks like the crap is about to hit the fan at CIRA…