Shades of Sydney by Brittney Coon


Stars Given: 4/5

Review:¬†Shade of Sydney follows a young woman named Sydney West who, after a traumatic childhood, doesn’t believe in love. As a result, Sydney has “Summer boys” who she uses for one night and then escapes from before they wake up… That is until Jason King comes into the picture and refuses to be added to Sydney’s list of one time lovers. In Jason’s refusal to become a Summer boy, he slowly becomes Sydney’s night in shining armor. While reading I had a love hate relationship with Sydney. She is a blunt, take no crap from anyone character, Her characterization was perfect for the story though and went she stayed true to herself throughout the story, despite her slowly melting heart. My favorite character in this novel was Jason. He’s sweet, and funny, and when he sets his sights on something (or someone *wink wink*) he doesn’t give up. Jason is a perfect book boyfriend, and at times I felt myself wanting to shake him and ask, “Why not me!?!?” This novel was funny and a good summer read. Coon created a something that felt real. There are sure to be many Sydney’s in this world, just waiting for a Jason to come and put the pieces of their heart back together.