Some Boys by Patty Blount


Stars Given: 4/5

Review:¬†Normally I am a pretty slower reader, but I flew through this novel. There was something about the characterization and the story that just kept me enamored. I couldn’t put the novel down. I loved absolutely everything about Grace. She was such a strong character, which thankfully made up for the other characters in this novel.

Other than Grace (and Ian’s father), there were no other characters that I liked, and I especially hated Ian. He was so hung up on his appearance and reputation, which may be characteristic of some high school boys, but he always seemed to do the wrong thing. He never followed his gut and did what was right. I did like how that allowed us to truly see Grace’s strength, but I still hated him. This novel should not be labeled as a romance, because the romance was weaved into it. Rather, it held such an important message and I think that it is something that everyone should read to gain perspective on such an important topic in our society today. Blount did a great job with this novel and I am excited to read more from her in the future.

Also, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this cover is brilliant and ties so well to the novel so I had to mention it.