The Third Twin by CJ Omololu


Stars Given: 3/5

Review: What lured me to this novel was it’s spectacular cover design and intriguing description. This novel started off really well. It was very intriguing and suspenseful from the beginning. The author has a unique writing style, which I enjoyed as well. What kept me from giving this novel more than two stars was that I had trouble connecting to the main characters, which I found to be pretentious and one dimensional. The character that I liked the most ended up being one of the people that “Alicia” killed. Another reason was because I found it to be kind of predictable. Half way through I figured out a large part of the ending. In the beginning I was flying through the chapters because I was enjoying it, but at the end I was forcing myself to finish so I could see if what I had predicted was right. I do think that the plot was unique and clever, and that the killer was a good choice. The ending was okay, nothing spectacular. The beginning was the strong point of this novel.