The Truth About Us by Janet Gurtler



Stars Given: 3.5/5

Review: ** spoiler alert **

I enjoyed this book, but something annoyed me about it. I felt like Gurtler could have gone so much farther with the story. There was stuff that could have happened that didn’t, and then there was conflict with Flynn and Jess tossed in at the very ending that made for a thrown together ending to the novel. It annoyed me how she built up this relationship that end the end never even REALLY happens because of the conflict she tossed in in the third to last chapter then hurriedly fixes to allow the reader to imagine what happens next. I enjoyed the book all the way up until the end. Wilf, a character I liked a lot, just dies abruptly and his death solves Flynn’s problems. There was no resolution for Jess and her father, or Jess and Nance. I wish that Jess wouldn’t have forgiven Flynn so easily after he ignores her completely for a week then unemotionally cuts ties with her and is seen kissing some random girl a day later. The characters were cute, but I only really felt attached to Kyle and Wilf, sometimes Flynn. I enjoyed the storyline though, and the beginning made up for the ending. I would read more from this author, and just hope that she develops her endings better in her other novels. After reading #16 Things I Thought Were True I was a little disappointed by this ending. Also, for a Sourcebooks novel, I am extremely disappointed with all of the editorial errors. They became annoying. Overall I enjoy Gurtler’s writing style. She’s great with YA emotions and writing even if she did repeatedly say that Flynn was, “wearing the shit out of his jeans.”

Also, I called the number in the book (Jess’ house number) and it’s someone’s actual phone number… Poor girl. I’d change my number ASAP.