True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager


Stars Given: 4/5

Review: I was so excited to get a chance to read this novel. As a fan of Hager’s work already, I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed this novel. Landry is a strong main character, who reminds me of many fourteen year olds I have met. She behaves and acts perfectly to fit the age group that Hager put her into. She is insecure, and wants to fit in, which is hard when your friends are so conniving and jealous of your success. In the beginning of this novel, Landry and her friends try out for American Ingenue, a popular modeling competition. When Landry is put through to the next round and her friends aren’t, Landry is instantly shunned from her friend group and made a target for their bullying. I think that Landry handled her bullying well, and shows maturity through out the novel. The only thing that annoyed me was that she never stood up for herself, and when her friends decided to not be angry at her anymore, she just accepts them again.

I am interested to see where this series goes next. I hope that Landry figures out who her real friends are, and begins to see her beauty. As an extremely tall girl myself, I felt a connection to Landry that I haven’t felt with any of Hager’s other characters, in this novel and in others. I am rooting for Landry, and her parents, and all of her relationships. I hope that as the series progresses she will grow in confidence. This series has a lot of potential! I would recommend this novel to middle schoolers, and freshman in high school as I think that they would connect with the plot, characters, and emotions well.