Bad Luck to the Bone

Anyone who has spent time with both Debra and I together can tell you that when we are together, bad things happen. It’s not that we cause those bad things, it’s just that together we always experience bouts of bad luck. It happened last semester at our home university, and we were sure that we wouldn’t get through our Spring Break plans unscathed. Boy, were we right. Below is a list of odd, and strange things that happened to us during our spring break trip, starting the first night we were together. Not all of these things are to be blamed on bad luck. Many are just strange things we did that I decided to add to the list.


The List

Paris: (Our first time meeting up during Spring Break) My family and I arrived to Paris late due to the Belgium bombing, and Debra and I missed our bus to the airbnb place we booked for the night. The bus was the only transportation there other than a $120 taxi, so we ended up sleeping in a cold hallway for the night. We could not get a refund on the money we spent on the airbnb.

Milan: The hostel we booked in Milan was extremely hard to find and we spent over an hour looking for it. When we found it, there was a small sign on a wall outside of the building with the word California on it. I’m talking, the size of an 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of paper.

Verona: A strange man tried to kiss my neck. He missed.

Also, I grabbed Juliet’s boob in an innovative way and all of the other tourists laughed and then began to copy me. I’m a boob-grabbing trendsetter!

This is not acceptable.
This is not acceptable.

Venice: The receptionists were very rude and claimed multiple times not to have change so we were unable to do our laundry which needed to be done very badly. Also, we were swarmed by ants in our room, and there was a curious stain on my comforter. Oh, and we had to change our own sheets because our room was never cleaned. Oh the joys of Camping Jolly…

Pisa: We couldn’t find our airbnb (once again) despite having directions for it so we got a taxi. The taxi fare would’ve only been 4 euro, but when the cab driver stopped he charged us an extra 6 euro because it was a Sunday…

Also this happened.

I'm very immature, I know. Maybe a little clever too?
I’m very immature, I know. Maybe a little clever too?
This older man took this picture of us. He was dying of laughter. I think we made his day.
This older man took this picture of us. He was dying of laughter. I think we made his day.

Cinque Terre: We found a nice rock formation along the water, kind of on a cliff, and fell asleep. We had gotten the butt of our jeans wet and decided the best way to dry off was lay somewhere where the sun could dry our butts off, and we ended up falling asleep like walruses.

The time we were walruses in the Cinque Terre

Florence: We needed to find a place to wash our clothes so we asked our airbnb host (who only spoke Spanish and Italian) if she knew where one was located. She offered to wash our clothes for us, which we thought was great since everything needed washing. So we stripped down, and gave her all of our clothes. We figured the laundry would be done by dinner time as we hadn’t eaten, but by dinner they still weren’t done, so we knocked on her door to ask when they would be done and she said they wouldn’t be ready until morning. Debra and I were starving, so we did the only thing we could do. Debra constructed and outfit out of her scarf and her jacket (as thats all she had), and I found a very fashionable (kidding) blanket in the closet of our room and made it into a dress. Then we walked to the store, ignoring the strange looks we got from everyone, (and the one guy who called us “sexy mommies”) and bought food to make dinner. Then we came back to the room and used the electric kettle to boil our pasta. This wasn’t the first time in the trip that we had to boil our noodles like this… It’s slow but effective when you don’t have a kitchen to cook in!

Why am I posting this? I have no idea. It's just so funny.
Why am I posting this? I have no idea. It’s just so funny.

The next day, the woman returned our clothes, still wet, and lost a few items. Finally I went through her apartment and found my athletic pants, and she found my glove that she never gave back. Then we left only to realize that she never gave back Debra’s favorite shirt…

On the bright side, this experience gave us the idea to write a book about our travels. Debra proposed we should call it The Sisterhood Created by Traveling With No Pants. Now we just need a plot.

Mount Vesuvius: We rode up the mountain in this Monster Truck type tour bus, and all of the seats had working seatbelt except Debra’s. On the way down, only my seatbelt was broken.


On the Volcano

Dublin: Ended our trip with a nice night of sleeping in the airport until our flight to Manchester arrived.

the airport floor was more comfortable than the hallway, in case you were wondering.
the airport floor was more comfortable than the hallway, in case you were wondering.



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