Camp NaNoWriMo, and Greece!

This month has been full of excitement. I got back from Italy, got back in the habit of writing daily again, and started planning for when Lonnie comes to visit, and my final trip before I go home! The novel I have been working on for this month is a young adult thriller, titled The Darkness Within. I’m writing the novel for my mom, who doesn’t enjoy reading, yet wants to read one of my novels. She is a scary movie fanatic and loves all things scary. Hopefully she will enjoy this novel.

Here is the synopsis:

The house next door holds a horrifying secret…

For as long as Claire Anderson can remember, the house next door to hers has been vacant. After the last owners passed away, the house fell into disrepair; practically unlivable conditions. She had even began to grow accustomed to the creepy little house next door.

But now the house holds a darkness with who’s living there and the secrets he has…

Her new neighbor, David Greer, is attractive, middle-aged, and friendly. At least, that’s what Claire’s mom, Jasmine, thinks, but Claire can’t ignore the bad vibe she gets from him. Maybe it’s because she’s not used to having a neighbor, or maybe it’s because her mom seems to have a thing for him. Then again, it could also be the strange looks he gives her when others aren’t looking. Claire isn’t one hundred percent sure what it is about him that gives her the creeps, but she sure as hell has to find out, and preferably before he gets too close to her and her mother.

Can Claire figure out what David is hiding behind the walls of his decrepit new home, or will she fall victim to the darkness within?

Thanks to my writing cabin, and my daily writing word count goals, I am 33k words into the novel. I hope to get to at least 40k by the end of the month and then go back and edit the novel before submitting to any publishers. I want it to be about 50k words when I am finished with it. I am very excited for this new novel, and I’ve been channeling my inner Tami Hoag as I write. She is my spirit animal.

In other news, Debra and I got together last night and bought some of the tickets for our final trip. We have it all planned out and are very excited. WE’RE GOING TO GREECE! We will fly from London to Crete, and spend time there for a day. Then ferry to Santorini, and stay for two days, then ferry to Mykonos for two days. So exciting. Greece is at the top of my bucket list! It’s like a dream come true!

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