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Hey guys! As many of you know, my close friend and cowriting partner, Sara Schoen and I have been working on a few new novels. We just released a thriller romance with Limitless Publishing entitles, Deadly Hallows. Deadly Hallows is the first novel in a two book series (The Dead Ringer series), and I am excited to say that we’ve already written the first three chapters for the sequel! The second novel is so much fun to write already. Since it is a sequel, we get to dive straight in to the action, while picking up where our characters last left off. It’s pretty fun to say the least! The second novel in the Dead Ringer series will be titled, Deadly Nightmares.



Sara and I have way more ideas than we have time. With me studying abroad for the semester, and Sara leaving just a week after I get home, we will have to do all of our writing and planning over the internet. So far, that’s working out pretty well considering we just finished another novel this past weekend! I am literally bouncing in my seat as I write this! This newest novel is titled Beach Week, and follows three girls during their traditional beach week celebration, when things start to go terribly wrong. The idea for this story began when Sara, a mutual friend of ours, and I spent a week at the beach together in 2014. It was an eventful year for us, and Sara and I both lost people we cared about. This novel will be dedicated to the three people we lost, and will serve as a memorial story for them.

Mock Beach Week book jacket.
Mock Beach Week book jacket that I made.


Here is a trailer for Beach Week to get you all just as excited as we are!

Now that we have finished with Beach Week, Sara and IĀ will begin editing it and getting it ready for publication. We also plan on turning our focus to completing a thriller that is very close to our hearts, entitled Captive. We will also continue to write Deadly Nightmares, and begin writing Brush Strokes, the sequel to Bad Publicity and the second in the Untamed Hearts series. It will follow Alyssa’s story, and will be based in Edinburg, Scotland. Hopefully we can complete that while I am abroad so I feel inspired by my surroundings!

Alone, I am currently working on completing a novel that I started last November. I am very excited for it, but also not ready to release any details about it yet… šŸ˜‰ I also have two teen fiction novels in the works, and am trying to block out/write down every other idea that comes to mind. Being a writer is hard…

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