Exciting News!

This fall, me and twelve other authors will be releasing a horror/thriller anthology. The anthology will be titled, Thirteen, and features many other talented authors I know. I will release the names of those authors at a later time, in another post. šŸ˜‰

Yesterday we got the release date for the anthology and I am very excited to announce that Thirteen will be available for purchase on October 4th! Mark your calendars folks, because this October is sure to be a chilling one. My anthology story is about an old schizophrenia hospital based on an abandoned hospital near me in Northern Wales, Denbigh Asylum, also known as North Wales hospital. My story follows a group of teens who enter the building one night…

This Tuesday, Debra and I are taking a trip to the hospital ourselves so I can tweak my story to be more like the setting I chose. Hopefully we make it out alive. If we do, I’ll add photos here of the old asylum.

For now, check out this article on the old hospital. The pictures are eerily beautiful, and the story of the hospital should give you a good insight on why I chose it.Ā Denbigh Asylum


To be continued…

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