Spring Break!

Spring Break (or Easter Break as it is affectionately known as in the UK) is not as big of a deal in the UK as it is in the United States. This puzzles me, because in Europe schools have longer Easter breaks than we are given in the US. In the US, our Spring Breaks only last a week long, and they are not as glamorous as everyone sees on TV (like in 90210 for example). At Bangor University I have a three week long break, and I am so excited for it!

My family arrived in Bangor on Sunday evening, and have spent the last few days with me in Wales. My Aunt Teresa, Aunt Dorothy, cousin Jenna, and younger sister Tamrin all came for a visit and it was great seeing them. I cried like a baby when they first got off of the train. It was definitely a touching reunion. I was so excited when I was waiting for them at the train station. Camille was also waiting there, as her boyfriend was coming in on the same train as my family.

During the two days that we stayed in Bangor, my family and I went to Caernarfon, Llanberis, and walked all around Bangor. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous for them. It was bright and sunny so we had the perfect atmosphere when we were at Caernarfon castle, Dolbadarn castle, and on the Bangor pier. I had the most fun at Dolbadarn castle and have named it as my favorite castle thus far! It is a small tower-like castle that is nestled in the mountains and overlooks a lot of green hills and blue water. We took tons of pictures of the surroundings and had fun climbing around with each other.

On Monday night, I took Jenna out to one of the night clubs in Bangor, Academi. Monday night is “Cheese Night” when they play lots of old, cheesy music. I must be an old soul because I loved the music! Jenna and I had fun listening to music and sitting in a booth, but we evacuated the premises quickly when a group of three guys swarmed us. That’s when we decided to call it a night. Jenna and I had one sleep over, and Tamrin stayed in my room with me twice. One night I was forced to share the bed with her (and slept hanging off the bed the whole night while she tossed and turned), and the next night I made her a nice pallet on the floor…

One our last day in Bangor, Tamrin and I got up early and walked to the Bed and Breakfast in lower Bangor that my family was staying at and ate a yummy English breakfast. Then we all packed up, and headed to High Street for last minute shopping. Tamrin and Jenna bought clothes from H&M and I sat in the dressing room while they changed, reading. I’m saving my money to buy clothes from Italy!

Not long after, we caught our train and took a smooth three hour ride to London, Euston rail station. I was grateful that I found a really cheap ticket that had no changes from Bangor to London. Now we are in London, and just arrived at the Airbnb place that we are staying in. It’s a full flat to ourselves and is spacious and lovely. I am excited for the adventure I about to embark on! I haven’t seen much of London yet, but I saw some tall buildings so far, and will hopefully see Big Ben and the London Eye tonight after dinner! đŸ˜‰

[Pictures to be added when I am back in Bangor on April 11th with my computer!]


Here is my itenerary for my Easter Break:

London (3 days with family)

Den Bosch, Netherlands (2 days with Aunt Dorothy and Tamrin)

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2 days with Aunt Dorothy and Tamrin)

Paris (1 day, leaving family and meeting up with Debra)

Milan (2 days)

Lake Como (a few hours)

Verona (a few hours)

Venice (nearly 3 days)

Pisa (2 days)

Cinque Terrre (a few hours)

Florence (2 days)

Siena (2 days)

Assisi (2 days)

Orvieto (a few hours)

Civita (a few hours)

Naples (1 day)

Pompeii (a few hours)

Sorrento (2 days)

Almalfi Coast (a few hours)

Capri (a few hours)

Rome (4 days)





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  1. We had so much fun with you! I loved everything you took us to in Bangor and nearby castles! Seeing the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben at night with you that first night in London was a real treat. I would not have gone out that night if not for your young enthusiasm. So grateful for the whole week with Dorothy, Tamrin, Jenna and you. Have so much fun for the rest of your break. I love love Italy and so will you. I never made it to Cinque Terre – and it stays on my bucket list. Hope the weather is fine and I cannot wait to see all the pictures!

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